Energy Townhall Meeting

I went to a really interesting energy conference last night.

It was put on by the Great Plains Institute they were gathering community feedback regarding their energy roadmap.

It was a very thorough roadmap, with bullet points like.

Energy Efficiency

Establish numeric milestones for the years 2015, 2030, and 2055 in each state or province to achieve the potential identified in its comprehensive energy efficiency and conservation assessment.


Measurable Milestones for Coal

By 2015, the region should have at least two integrated gasification-combined cycle (IGCC) coal power plants with CCS.

By 2015, the region should demonstrate commercial scale post-combustion capture of CO2 at a pulverized coal plant.


Measurable Milestones for Biomass

The region wil

By 2015,

Expand production and market penetration of corn ethanol and biodiesel, while making improvements with respect to input use and conversion effieciency.

Demonstrate key biomass technologies, including

  • Biomass combined heat and power systems to utilize waste heat for power production;
  • Biomass integrated gasification-combined cycle (IGCC) to produce power, either with or without coal;
  • Cellulosic ethanol production from a broad range of materials (native grasses, wheat straw, corn stover, etc.)
  • Synthetic natural gas from biomass, especially manure; and
  • Pyrolysis based utilization of biomass(heat and pressure) to produce bio-oil.


Measurable Milestones for Wind

The regional shall obtain from wind energy:

  • By 2015, 10 percent of total retail sales;
  • By 2020, 20 percent of total retail sales;
  • By 2030 30 percent of total retail sales;

These excerpts are taken from the Summary of Draft Regional Energy Roadmap, provided by the Great Plains Institute.

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