Charter has a 404 product

I just noticed that when I type an invalid address my isp, Charter Communications is showing me their own 404 page.

It has search results from yahoo, along with several search suggestions.

404 Products are pretty common as malware applications. They sit on your computer and watch all of your traffic, once they see a 404 they display their own page. Charter is now doing the same, everytime they see me hitting a 404 page they direct me to their page with a nice search suggestion.

Charter 404

It makes perfect sense, but at the same time if they are going to make money off of me, they should at least give me a portion of the cost savings.

Instead they give 768kbps at a 1.5Mbps price, and for the people that have a 3.0Mbps you are just getting 1.5Mbps. Giant rip off.

The City of St. Cloud gave Charter a nice gift by allowing them to buy Astound and create a complete cable monopoly. The only choice I have is Clearwire, which does not work at all in my apartment, and Qwest.

I have heard good things about DSL, s0 I think I will go that route.

The next step is for charter to send you to their search page every time you type in google, maybe give a helpful message like you typed “google” did you mean to type in “charter”

3 thoughts on “Charter has a 404 product”

  1. Just noticed the exact same thing. Charter is hijacking every 404 header sent to me with their own ‘friendly’ page. And yeah, my 3mps service isn’t even close to 1.5mps. Looking for alternatives here in northern Michigan as well based on the 404 hijacking alone. I guess most people won’t care, but personally I think they should have a pretty good reason to interrupt pages pages being sent to my browser, and 404 is not enough in my book.


  2. haha… i think it’s total crap that they do this!!! they should just let the local uer show a DNS error. I have actually typed in good working web sites and they redirect me to charter’s.


  3. What’s worse is that if your using a VPN, normally the VPN’s DNS server is checked after the internet DNS fails, but if it doesn’t fail (auto-forwarded to the damned search page) it doesn’t find sites within the VPN. Charter blames the computer/VPN software everytime, of course… dispite the fact that it works on ANY other internet connection. Very very unprofessional, and Charter should rethink its business strategy if they are going towards browser-hijacking through DNS as a revenue source.


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