Where does your power come from?

I just recently found out that Becker goes through about one train car of coal per day.

Man that is a lot of coal.

From Wyoming Coal

The typical coal train is 100 to 110 cars long-a mile of coal! Each hopper car holds 100 tons of coal which lasts only 20 minutes fueling a power plant. Bigger surface mines may load two or three Unit Trains of coal a day. Currently, eighty trains leave Wyoming every day. In 1999 we shipped out 25,882 trains. That’s 25,882 miles of coal-more than the circumference of the earth.

One unit train can keep a city of 3,000 households (10,000 people) in electricity for a year. How many trains (or cars) would it take to fuel the generators for your town?

I guess Becker only through 4 unit trains per year.

There must be a bunch of power plants on this particular rail line, because I think I see a unit train about once a week. Then again I don’t really pay attention to how often I see trains.

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