Winamp is cooler than Itunes

Over the past 2 years my primary media player has been Itunes. For some reason the other day I thought it would be nice to check out winamp again.

Some of the reason that I like winamp.

1. Smart Views

Beyond just having playlists you can have filtered views.  You can build whatever kind of  query that you want.

Example: audio by Air longer than 4 minutes: type = 0 & artist = “air” & length > 4:00

These are an incredibly powerful way to segregate arrange your music.

2. Audio CDs

You can make audio cd’s from within winamp.  Just drag some songs on the CD and voila and audio cd for your friends.

3. It can sync pretty much any type of media player including ipod.

4. It is winamp and not apple.

Need I say more:)

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