Everyone should drive cars

Lately I have been having more and more discussions on the reasons to not drive an SUV. 

The gas price issue is obvious, but what about the safety concern.

It seems pretty obvious that an SUV is going to be safer just based on the fact that it is heavier.  (force = mass * acceleration)

Here are the fatality stats for SUV vs Cars. They are old but should still be relevant.

Of the 5,259 fatalities caused when light trucks struck cars in 1996

  • 81 percent of the fatally injured were occupants of the car.(9)
  • In multiple-vehicle crashes, the occupants of the car are four times more likely to be killed than the occupants of the SUV.(10) 
  • In a side-impact collision with an SUV, car occupants are 27 times more likely to die.



According to the research the fatality difference is more related to the height than the weight. On average an SUV or light truck rides about 8 inches higher.  That makes them especially deadly in a side impact crash.

 I think the best thing we could do is create some bumper compatibility laws that would even out the safety disparity that is happening.

The saddest part about that suggestion is that they have been looking into regulations like this since 1996.

Instead of doing something they produce documents like the Bumper Q & A, which basically say that they are looking into the issue.

I think for now, I will just raise my bumper a few inches to get the best of both worlds. Safety and fuel economy

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