On the rails bandwagon part 2 (Editors)

The first part of any good programming experience starts with the ide.

I read a lot of reviews and decided to start out with Jedit.

It was cool at first, and pretty fast for a java app.  The first issue I encountered was installing plugins. I couldn’t connect to the plugin repository for some of the plugins, so I had to install them manually:(

So after 2 minutes of research I found I could just copy the plugins to jar folder in /home/jon/.jedit/jar/ and voila they worked.

So I was already to import my first rails project, I opened projectviewer and added it. Infinite Loop. Yep seemed like there was a symlink in the folder structure and jEdit would just try and import the project forever.  I am tired of dealing with it, maybe I will try the next version.

Next I tried Radrails. This is basically a trimmed down eclipse with some specific rails functions. Overall it is pretty nice, but I do wish I could use the command line to generate my scaffolds and my project would automatically update.  I did have some problems with their new version, so I just went with Radrails which is there Java 1.4 version.

So for now I am sticking with radrails, maybe when I am more motivated I will try Cream, since I am familar with Vim

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