Model View Presenter made easy using the Web Client Software Factory

The Web Client Software Factory was recently released.

In past couple of weeks I have been tinkering around with Ruby on Rails and have become convinced that MVC, MVP, Supervising Controller, or Passive View is the way to go.
It is a giant step in the right direction for testability and it really makes code a lot easier to read.

I have always had a hard time implementing these patterns in Not necessarily because it is hard, but because it is such a manual process.
I tried monorail and it made me feel a little better, but it still felt a little like a hack.

Recently I downloaded Microsoft’s Web Client Software Factory.
I am very impressed. It is ginormous step in the right direction.(Yep it is officially a word so I had to use it)
Microsoft has really put MVP in the hands of the everyday developer.

Just open a project of type Web Client Factory and the whole project will be generated.

The Web Client Software Factory provides wizards for adding:

Views — Creates a page, interface and corresponding class
Business Modules — Module that contains web pages, page flows, business logic, etc.
Foundational Modules — Module that does not contain web pages.

Test projects can be automatically generated for the Business Modules and Foundational Modules.

The test project contains mocked tests for the view, controller, and a mock for the underlying data.

Summary of encapsulated functionality

The timing is perfect.
I still have a few days to get to Barnes and Noble and return my Rails books:)

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