Quick and Dirty Data Layer — Subsonic or Enterprise Application Blocks

So the f1webchallenge is happening tomorrow morning.
The question is how does a .net developer who traditionally works on large projects transition to a development project that happens in just 24 hours.

One question is how do we handle our Data Layer.
Since it is Mysql, we can just use MySql.Data and get basic functionality, but for something that is going to need to be done very fast will that cut it?
There is also the Enterprise Application Blocks.
Here is how to build it into the Enterprise Application Blocks.
Adding MySQL.Data to Enterprise Application Blocks

There is also Enterprise Library Contrib
Something similar to the building it in, except you just run an installer.

Then there is the OR/M frameworks.
This just seems to big and bulky for a quick and dirty project.
I have used this in a larger application and things that should be simple are difficuly and things that should be hard are easy(sometimes).

I am going to do some more experimenting with Subsonic.
I have used it before and hooked it up as a post compile task, this had the disadvantage of invalidating code whenever the database was updated.
Early in a project this can be frequent.
This time around I have a batch file, and I am going to just generate the Table classes when something changes.
This should work pretty slick and should save a lot of time writing CRUD stuff.

I will post the results after the competition to see what solution wins.

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