Linq to Xsd

Linq to Xsd is one of microsofts many incubating projects.

Sounds like a great technology.
The question I am always faced with, is it worth it.
Time is limited and there are plenty of technologies out there that are in production that I know almost nothing about.
The ablility to access Xml in a strongly typed manner.
Man that sounds like a no brainer.
I understand that Microsoft is overcome with projects.
Jeff Atwood wrote a great article on why Microsoft Can’t Go Open Source
I think this dove tails perfectly into the point that MS just spends too much time reinventing the wheel and not enough time introducing full featured development products.
Linq is a great product. But why not release it with oracle support out of the box.

I would love to pick up Linq to Xsd and run with it, but it seems like it just going to be another dead end.

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