My Utility for one user is now deployed across the enterprise

You created a simple Utility to aid in doing your job. You give it to one user, and he/she gives it to someone else. 

Everyone is singing your praises.  Great Job.  I love this app.

Now 30 people have it.  Cracks are appearing, the app is not ready for the load.

People are starting to complain.

You were the hero, now you are constantly defending yourself for an unstable application.


What do you do?

Sell it

  • Get your users to quantify the value.
  • Get Feedback on new features and figure out the value.
  • Estimate the time.
  • Acknowledge the risk (It could 20% more because I don’t understand widgets)
  • Put together a presentation
  • Sell it to people who are willing to pay.
  • Execute.

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