New Router – Asus RT-N16 and Tomato Awesomeness

Jeff Atwood has an excellent article recommending this router.

It can be found here.

In the article is a guide to flashing the firmware with tomato.

The one caveat that I would add is.

You have to reset the NVRAM via key presses which means

    1. Power off the RT-N66U
    2. Press and hold down the WPS button
    3. While holding the WPS button, plug in the power cable to turn RT-N66Uon
    4. Keep holding the WPS button for 30 seconds before releasing
      The router should reboot
    5. Congratulations. The NVRAM has been cleared.

I was not able to reach the web address so I was not able to perform the operation via the web admin, so the key press option was my only option.


In performing this process. I found the instructions and distribution of Easy Tomato to be fantastic.

Easy Tomato is by far the best router firmware I have ever used. 


It makes the things that should be easy, easy and allows the advanced settings to be found easily.


A couple of examples

You can block any and all adult sites with a single checkbox.(bam)

You can define groups and drag the devices on your network into groups.  Yeah I said drag(holy web 2.0 interface batman)

Each group can then have access rules defined for it.


I highly recommend Easy Tomato and the Asus RT-N16 router.

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