Grand Central Beta

Well I just got my invitation for the Grand Central Beta

Seems pretty cool so far.
The only problem I see, is google owns my number.
Would I really want to distribute it, if it can be taken away?
Probably not.

For a small business with a website, the call me button is nice.

Your customer can click the button, and call all of the phones you have setup.
For that customer that keeps having issues, you can set them up with a peaceful ring, or just send him directly to voicemail.

It will nice to see some integration with google talk. When someone calls you from google talk, it can go to your grand central account. If you are not online, it can ring your phone.

Seems like a nice way to blur the distinction between internet voice communication and traditional voice communication.

Model View Presenter made easy using the Web Client Software Factory

The Web Client Software Factory was recently released.

In past couple of weeks I have been tinkering around with Ruby on Rails and have become convinced that MVC, MVP, Supervising Controller, or Passive View is the way to go.
It is a giant step in the right direction for testability and it really makes code a lot easier to read.

I have always had a hard time implementing these patterns in Not necessarily because it is hard, but because it is such a manual process.
I tried monorail and it made me feel a little better, but it still felt a little like a hack.

Recently I downloaded Microsoft’s Web Client Software Factory.
I am very impressed. It is ginormous step in the right direction.(Yep it is officially a word so I had to use it)
Microsoft has really put MVP in the hands of the everyday developer.

Just open a project of type Web Client Factory and the whole project will be generated.

The Web Client Software Factory provides wizards for adding:

Views — Creates a page, interface and corresponding class
Business Modules — Module that contains web pages, page flows, business logic, etc.
Foundational Modules — Module that does not contain web pages.

Test projects can be automatically generated for the Business Modules and Foundational Modules.

The test project contains mocked tests for the view, controller, and a mock for the underlying data.

Summary of encapsulated functionality

The timing is perfect.
I still have a few days to get to Barnes and Noble and return my Rails books:)


I was browsing codeplex, and I came across this really cool application.

SameDesk is an X windows for the browser environment, it allows for opening multiple web sites in a single browser window. It gives the user the ability to drag, minimize, maximize, etc. browser windows as if they were windowed applications.

SameDesk Screenshot 

I am always amazed at what people can do with just javascript and html.

This is some pretty cool stuff and the beta comes out soon. I can’t wait to see where this great project goes.

Charter has a 404 product

I just noticed that when I type an invalid address my isp, Charter Communications is showing me their own 404 page.

It has search results from yahoo, along with several search suggestions.

404 Products are pretty common as malware applications. They sit on your computer and watch all of your traffic, once they see a 404 they display their own page. Charter is now doing the same, everytime they see me hitting a 404 page they direct me to their page with a nice search suggestion.

Charter 404

It makes perfect sense, but at the same time if they are going to make money off of me, they should at least give me a portion of the cost savings.

Instead they give 768kbps at a 1.5Mbps price, and for the people that have a 3.0Mbps you are just getting 1.5Mbps. Giant rip off.

The City of St. Cloud gave Charter a nice gift by allowing them to buy Astound and create a complete cable monopoly. The only choice I have is Clearwire, which does not work at all in my apartment, and Qwest.

I have heard good things about DSL, s0 I think I will go that route.

The next step is for charter to send you to their search page every time you type in google, maybe give a helpful message like you typed “google” did you mean to type in “charter”