Superior Biking Trip 2013


On October 28th my brother and I set out on a Bike ride from his house to Superior WI. Our plan was to take the Gandy Dancer Trail from Milltown to Superior.  We brought gear to camp and food to eat.  The bikes were geared up and ready to go.

Here is the Google tour that goes over the bike route.(Google Earth Plugin is Required)

Google Tour

Day One – To Danbury

We set out on the Gandy Dancer Trail

It is a nice limestone trail that runs from St. Croix to Danbury.

Originally we thought it was a nice bike trail all of the way up to Superior.

We were wrong.  It turns to crap at Danbury.


A nice river bridge over the Yellow River

We ended up camping a ways down on the Gandy Dancer after Danbury.  It was a pretty cold night.  I bet it was in the neighborhood of 30.

In the morning our bikes had a healthy layer of frost.

Day Two – Danbury to Superior

Since the Gandy Dancer was a rough four-wheeler trail from Danbury to Superior we decided to take highway 35 up to Superior.

Highway 35 is a state highway that runs on the Wisconsin side.  It is pretty nice road.

It was about 40 and flurries on the way up.  Sun would have been great, but it was better than rain.

WP_20131029_001 (1)

We stopped at the Drydock in Chaffey to warm up.

Day Three – Superior

We decided to take a two night break in Superior and rest up.

After a night of camping, and being next to a hotel. It seemed pretty silly to not stay in a hotel.



During our time we biked to Grandma’s saloon and had dinner with our niece Allison.

Day Four – Duluth – Moose Lake

We decided to take the Willard Munger Trail back.

It is a nice paved trail from Duluth to Hinckley.


Stopping to change into Rain gear


There is a really nice rail bridge over the St. Louis River.


There is a fantastic Sausage shop in Mahtowa

TJ’s Country Store

The Cheddar Wurst is fantastic.


We stayed over night in Moose Lake at the Moose Lake Hotel.

Day Five – Moose Lake – Hinckley

The next day was pretty short and ended at about 1:00pm

Mom picked us up at Grand Casino Hinckley.


Overall it was a nice ride. It was too bad that the Gandy Dancer Trail was not able to take us all of way up.

It would have been possible to take 77 over to Hinckley from Danbury and then we could have taken the Willard Munger there and back.

Maybe next time…