Setting Different Background Images Per Workspace in Ubuntu – 16.10

Lately i have been doing almost all of my Development at home using Ubuntu.

Things I love:

  1. Muliple Workspaces (I can get this in windows, but you can’t do multiple backgrounds)
  2. Visual Studio Code (I love the fact that I can use on any platform)
  3. A good bash shell
  4. I have been doing a lot of stuff with AWS, and for the most part Linux is the ami of choice, so i just needed to get use to it.

Here is what i did to improve Number 1.

In order to be able to differentiate the workspaces it is nice to have a different desktop image per workspaces

I am using Ubuntu 16.10.

Here is the documentation i started with

There seemed to be a bunch wrong, for example the i could not find the compiz-fusion-plugins-extra I found that the compiz-plugins package must have changed name.

Here is what i ended up with

Go into the terminal

sudo apt install compiz-plugins compizconfig-settings-manager

Opened up the Compiz Config Manager, and navigated to wallpaper.

Make sure to Enable the plugin “Enable Wallpaper.

Click on add, and add the four backgrounds.

I then searched for Image Loading and enabled jpeg and png.

I rebooted and voila i had 4 different backgrounds.

It was pretty straightforward once i navigated all of the different versions of documentation.